About Us

Coming from vast experience in Cosmetic Industry. She has stepped up to introduce BeautWellz (OPC) Pvt Ltd her own baby as an initiative to provide a change of mindset of our nation. Her aim is to help people to live a cleaner, hygienic and stress-free life and to do her bit towards the ecology, developed this Vision at her recovery stage when she was bed ridden with serious illness.

Life experiences & learning, For any profession ethics we learn from our school before B.School its Mother who nurture a child she was not nurtured once but several times by her Mother when she had breakdown this time she healed for a reason to give  back to Society. Mother who brought her back to life from care to encouragement & extreme motivation in each span of recovery to look back to society with no greed a real Kick to start when seen death so closely.

The thought was harvesting since 2018 but her self owned funds was priority urged to make it by best possible means with daily
challenges & run her business at Low cost. Bootstrapped her company with Trading and planning the domain created visibility in Hub of South Mumbai Market.

Now introduced, ‘i-dispose’ (Re-furbishable disposable products)

Currently pandemic Outbreak of Corona Virus ‘i-dispose’ had served in COVID-19 Protection Kits, Salon/Spa/Beauty Clinic Disposable Linens, Medical Disposables, Hospital Furniture & Equipment.

With a handful of clients starting from March’2020

‘i-dispose’ Covers all Medical Care

‘i-hydrate’ Wet Wipes

Later in pipeline

‘i-biodegradable’ 100% Biodegradable disposable products ranges in our Lifestyle needs. Also taking her domain to drive ‘i-skills’ projects in R&D/ Training, Lead Hair Shows in Cosmetic Industry on contractual terms following her Family Legacy in ‘i-construct’ for Building Construction/Interior Designing for Home & Salon/Spa/Beauty Clinics Interior Designing. As develop hobby to Design Refurbished 100 yr old property to her current Beautiful Office.