If you’re like our weight loss clients (and like us), you want to enjoy chocolate without feeling heavy or experiencing a sugar crash after, but you’d still like to feel completely satisfied, ideally from a healthy no-bake dark chocolate dessert. If there’s anything we’ve learned as registered dietitian nutritionists who also happen to own quite a sweet tooth ? , is that there’s nothing better to keep you on the healthy track than a go-to chocolate recipe that’s just as easy as unwrapping a chocolate bar and just as delicious, yet low in calories, has health benefits and that has built in portion-control so that you don’t have to worry that you’ll overeat it. That’s why we created this Healthy No Bake Dark Chocolate Dessert.


Guess what our clients tell us? Our healthy dark chocolate dessert is reminiscent of a tootsie roll combined with a powdered donut!  Not bad for a treat with no added sugar! We can’t wait for you to try it—and learn what makes this recipe so good—and good for you!

Why do we believe in the power of desserts for weight loss?

In order to make a weight loss plan sustainable, it must include foods that you truly enjoy.  Otherwise, it becomes a fad diet or a quick fix, not a lifestyle. If you like sweet foods, avoiding them forever, just won’t work. Our clients tell us they love the desserts we share with them (and buy certain ones that we recommend) too, because they’re delicious, satisfying have weight loss benefits and keep them on the healthy track.

You may be tempted to swap some of the ingredients that we use with others that you have laying around your house, but we don’t recommend doing that. Once you learn why the ingredients in this dessert with no added sugar work wonders for weight loss, we think you’ll agree with us!

Why do we use no (or very little) added sugar in our sweet desserts?

Sugar affects your brain so that you crave more sweets…

Have you ever had a handful of chocolate chips or a cookie or a Reese‘s peanut butter cup and wanted another? ?‍♀️ Us too, ah! Sugar releases opioids and dopamine in our bodies. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that gives us that happy “high” feeling so it makes us more likely to want to get that feeling again, —i.e. eat another cookie & keep eating them day after day. As we eat sugary food more often, our brain adjusts and it releases less dopamine. The only way to feel the same “high” as before is to eat more of the sweet food in larger amounts and more often. Oy! We’ve been there, done that, sigh! Read on…

Sugar changes your taste buds to favor weight gain.

It trains your taste buds to appreciate super sweet food rather than less sweet food. That ups the bar for the level of sweetness that will satisfy you.

Sugar, inflammation and your waistline (and health), oh my!

Sugar creates inflammation in the body. Chronic inflammation is at the root of all disease– and it’s a hallmark characteristic in all of our clients who are overweight. Inflammation puts an additional stress on the body, and it actually makes it more difficult to lose weight because the body is trying to put out fires from the inflammation. Since sugar adds to this fire storm, it causes more havoc on the inside and makes the entire body operate less efficiently. This includes the metabolism.

In summary, sugar causes cravings and leads to weight gain…

We’ve totally been down that sugary road…

Don’t let our veggie stuffed fridges fool you, at heart, we’re still these twins we once were, only in more control! ?

We’re not sure who is who here, but we both meant business when it came to sweets! (We think Lyssie may be the one holding the spoon with her left hand, since she’s a lefty).

We had a hard time controlling our favorite sweets that we used to eat back in high school. We thought nonfat frozen yogurt was good dessert choice because it was “fat free”, so that’s what we ate. Instead of setting ourselves up for success when indulging in this sugary dessert that we loved, we’d arrive at the frozen yogurt store after skipping lunch so we were totally ready to indulge—and we would! One cup would lead to 2—or even 3! Ah! And, we kept wanting more and more.

That sugary dessert changed our sweet palate for the worse.

 As if all that sugary frozen yogurt wasn’t bad enough for our waistline, our mom’s healthy cook-everything-from-scratch very low sugar desserts that we previously loved, no longer satisfied us. They weren’t sweet enough compared to the sugary frozen yogurt.  We started getting the frozen yogurt every day and we truly were like Pavlov’s dog salivating just at the thought of that sugary treat! Yes, our taste buds had be hijacked by the sugar loaded yogurt.  Lower sugar, healthier items no longer cut the mustard, or shall we say no longer cut the yogurt?!

We’ve seen similar situations with our new clients. We did ultimately turn it around for ourselves—and for them! More on that below, but all of this is why we don’t add sugar (or we use very little) in our desserts!

 We make naturally sweet dessert with weight loss benefits.