Hygiene comes from Self Care at Grooming session or Healthcare. We provide Disposables Linens for all Salon /Spa & Medical industry for you to DISPOSE it Daily made of P/V-Nonwoven/Spunless/PP material keep you Uninfected.

Why ‘i-dispose’?

Life of Salon owner is running through each staff looking for Hygienie maintenance any clients complains for dirty linens or over all’s is a biggest disaster to our business, some clients end up taking pictures of any dirty/stained linen and post on social media as we adapted international standards for hair & beauty very quickly but not Hygeine & Sanitization. Today during this Pandemic outbreak we see ourself to stay Uninfected.

How ‘i-dispose’ adds value?

To cutdown laundry cost completely we provide u each linen in Disposables from Napkins, Bedsheets, Bathropes, Undergarments, Curtains to Staff Uniforms available in different colors go through our e-catalogue for more details.

For Medical Disposables Linens look into our seperate e-catalogue.

We are proud to follow Protocol set by our Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, today India is fighting far better than any Advance country to Stay Uninfected. From this Coronavirus outbreak we aquired Importance of Medical Disposables linen and body suits.

What’s best available now?

Today we are supplying Complete Medical Disposables Linens & Body Suits with COVID-19 TESTING KITS.

Our Intiative is surely not need of the hour but an Importance to provide best, & cut down laundry cost completely for near future save water and same time maintain hygiene.