As registered dietitians and certified personal trainers who specialize in weight loss, we see a lot of great tips about limiting serving sizes but there is something that diet experts don’t tell you about portions. And while you may be working hard to log the portions that you eat, you may be making a common mistake that can prevent you from seeing the results that you deserve. Twice this week we saw serving size issues with our clients who were unknowingly consuming a larger portion and more calories than they thought. And if you’re making this mistake too, you may be frustrated that you’re not seeing the weight loss results that you thought you would. We hear you–and we don’t want that for you! You work hard and you deserve weight loss results!  That’s why we’re sharing what diet experts don’t tell you about portions, so that you can nip it in the bud if it’s an issue for you!

What do diet experts tell you about portions?  To stick to a serving to lose weight.

What they don’t tell you?

We want to share a portion mistake that was getting in the way of one of our client’s weight loss efforts, because it’s SO easy to make. 

She was doing everything right…

  • eating a LOT of veggies, plenty of protein & a serving of healthy carbs at meals
  • tracking what she was eating
  • sticking to the serving we recommended

but wasn’t seeing results.

When we took a deeper look, our suspicions were confirmed.

While she thought she was sticking to one “serving”, she was often getting one and a half or even two servings—which meant double the calories!

She used the bowl below to keep her portion of popcorn in check.